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Acid Maltase Deficiency Association (AMDA)

Support and information for persons affected by Pompe's Disease (acid maltase deficiency). Newsletter, literature, information, referrals and phone support. Promotes research into the cause and cure.

ACOA - Colby

For adult children of alcoholics.

Acoustic Neuroma Association

Support and information for patients who have experienced acoustic neuromas or other benign tumors affecting the cranial nerves. Quarterly newsletter, support group network, volunteer telephone and email network, educational webinars and patient information

ADHD Support

Meet and learn from others with ADHD. Guest speakers/topics each month.

Adolescent Female Survivors of Sexual Assault - Wichita

For teens ages 13-18 who have been sexually assaulted. Sponsored by the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center.

Adoption and Foster Care Support

Support and resources for adoptive and foster care parents.

Adoption Concerns Triangle

Our members are adoptees, birth family members who have relinquished a child for adoption, adoptive family members, adoption professionals and those with an interest in adoption issues. There is no membership fee to join the group.

Adoption Healing

Mutual support for persons separated by adoption. Referrals to adoption searches and support groups. Newsletter, phone support, information, referrals, support group meetings, and assistance in starting groups.

Adoption Triad Support Network KC

Safe place for someone to go and discuss issues related to adoption in a welcoming and accepting enviornment.

Adoptive Families of America, Inc.

Problem-solving assistance and information for adoptive and prospective adoptive families. Creates opportunities for successful adoptive placement. Bimonthly magazine, group development guidelines, pen pals, and phone network.