Advocacy Services for Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior in which one relationship partner tries to control the other through violence, intimidation or threats. This experience is, indeed, spirit-crushing and has profound effects on the victim’s health – emotionally, physically and spiritually.


We all know someone who has experienced domestic violence. It occurs at the same rate in all socio-economic groups, races, and faiths. We see survivors at church, at work, throughout our daily lives.  We just don’t know. Someone on your block may be suffering abuse right now.

For 26 years, Harbor House at Catholic Charities of Wichita has provided advocacy services for victims of domestic violence. With only two crisis domestic violence programs in Sedgwick County, the need consistently surpasses the community’s ability to provide.

Harbor House meets those challenges by offering a wide range of services in multiple settings. In addition, services are available on an ongoing basis to individuals who have escaped abuse but need ongoing support and safety planning. 

  •  A crisis line (316-263-6000) is the front line, providing referral and safety planning to an estimated 8,500 callers each year.
  • Harbor House provides full-time advocacy and protection order assistance to survivors at district court.
  • Individualized safety plans and support are available to victims in their own neighborhoods, without admission to shelter.
  • Safe house services are available for those whose circumstances are potentially lethal.

You do not need to be an advocate to make a difference in someone’s life. If someone you know is experiencing a controlling relationship, it can be hard to express your concern or offer help. Call Harbor House for support at 316-263-6000, and explore the range of available services at