National Creativity Month

I never thought of myself as a creative person. I can’t draw, paint, or sew. I don’t enjoy coloring or doing things that most designate as “crafty.” But when it comes to creatively solving problems, I have found there is no better place than in a support group! Now, at first glance, you may wonder “What does creativity have to do with support groups?” I tell you, more than you might think.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety the last few years, and have found support in a variety of ways. While therapy and other types of treatment and support have been incredibly helpful and I am grateful for them, the thing most helpful to me in my recovery journey has been getting creative with others in support groups. There is nothing like the power of talking through a challenge with people who understand because they have been there themselves. It is listening and sharing, a discussion that leads to creative ways of adapting, growing, and thriving wherever I may find myself. It is this support from others that reminds me I am not alone, I am strong, I am resilient. Wherever you may find yourself during this National Creativity Month, I want to remind you of a simple truth:

You are CREATIVE in writing your story….a story that is yours to tell.  


To find support groups and resources on a variety of topics near you, click here.