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Refresh Your Awareness

I have had limited personal experience with support groups; however I can refresh your awareness as to their importance. A dear friend of mine is actively involved in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). So, I understand the impact this support group has had on his life vicariously. Without disclosing any personal information about other members, because confidentiality and anonymity are strong values for members of AA, he has shared many a funny story about his own life and experiences with me that he had previously shared in his AA support group.

Moms Supporting Moms

Taryn Zweygardt, LMSW | Executive Director, The Village ICT

My entire life I wanted to be a mother.

I remember telling many people growing up that I honestly felt as though I was put on this earth to be a mom.

The Power of Support Groups

Recently, I bought a shelf for my bathroom. It was one of those shelves to be placed above your toilet, contained 3 shelves, and what felt like hundreds of random pieces. Immediately upon opening the box, I was overwhelmed. There were poles, shelves, screws, bolts, and several other parts I don't know the name of. Oh, and there was a book of instructions that probably should have come with a translator. Three to four hours, several minor temper tantrums, and a few mistakes later, the shelf was complete.  I had done it all on my own.

My 3 Alarms- Gambling Against Time

Waking up in the morning for me consists of no less than 3 alarms, all set to go off in 10-15 minute increments. Three is my safe number. The first alarm is for when I am feeling ambitious. This alarm is the least utilized but still in the running just in case I decide to dig for that extra motivation that will allow me to make coffee, spend time on my hair and makeup, and possibly consume a bowl of cereal. The second alarm is so I have a normal amount of time to get ready and eliminates rushing around trying to get out of the door on time.